Colorado’s Neighbor Requests Assistance in Handling Marijuana Infractions

Since Colorado legalized marijuana use in 2009, neighboring states have unsurprisingly seen an increase in marijuana infraction on their sides of the state borders. Now, law enforcement in Nebraska is asking for aid in dealing with the influx of marijuana.

Agencies in Nebraska have noticed an increase in both the number of people being arrested for marijuana related violations and the drug’s potency. With the increase in potency in the marijuana available in their state, prices for the drug have likewise increased.

While marijuana is now allowed in Colorado, it is still illegal under both Nebraska and federal law, as well as in the six states that border Colorado.

Law enforcement officials in Nebraska met with law makers in a hearing recently where they asked for assistance in dealing with the increased traffic. The legislators came away from that meeting indicating their desire to provide that assistance in the form of new legislation in the coming year, but were cautious about the implementation. While they wish to help, they are also concerned about the implications to the offenders. They wish to send a strong message about Nebraska’s view of marijuana while also making sure not to completely ruin lives over these infractions.