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An active warrant search from Nebraska will bring back information not just on the issue of detention directives in the name of the subject but also on the incidents of arrests, court verdicts on criminal matters, sentence imposed and the correctional facility where this was carried out. While there a myriad of private and state offered options to find details on arrest warrants, it would help immensely if you would have some information pertaining to these orders and their use in criminal processing before you launch the investigation.

Are arrest warrants depicted correctly in popular media?

To an extent, TV shows do manage to bring out the urgency with which warrants are sought and served. However, they rarely touch upon the precise procedure followed for the release of these orders, although herein lie the reasons for the importance attached to active warrants. These orders are required by the police to make arrests which would not sit within the circle of legality if they were made without seeking a court order.

Commonly, an arrest warrant will be needed when the accused is wanted for a misdemeanor and the crime was not witnessed by a police officer. It is also the norm to get an active warrant when the police do not have enough information about the suspect to make arrests. For instance, if the name of the accused and/or his contact details are not known, the sheriff’s office will seek a warrant on the basis of a DNA profile or they could also request the court to issue a John Doe warrant.

Also, when the accused has fled away from the county, getting an arrest warrant is a good way to ensure that the case stays open till he is taken into custody and to get the support of police departments from the other parts of the state and the country. The only two scenarios that allow for custodial detention without an arrest warrant are:

  • When a member of a law enforcement agency bears witness to the commissioning of the crime

  • When the crime is a felony and the police have probable cause against the suspect.

It is also needs to be stated here that unlike what they show on TV, arrest warrants cannot always be executed the minute they have been issued. There are times when the sheriff’s office prioritizes certain high profile cases over others. However, just because a warrant has not been served does not, in any sense, mean that it has been recalled or that it is no longer in effect. Outstanding warrants are not restricted by a fixed validity period. Hence, they can be served at any time after issue, even if years pass before the perpetrator has an interaction again with law enforcement.

Is it possible to deal with active warrants without being arrested?

Whether you have to spend some time in the slammer or not will entirely depend on what the crime in question is. Misdemeanors, particularly those which are punishable by a prison term of less than 6 months or a fine, will be handled differently from felonies such as assault and rape.

If you are being accused of the former, you could simply pay the fine or if the bond amount has been stated on the warrant, you will not have to take your plea for conditional release before the magistrate. Simply making bail will be enough to walk out of police custody. In any case, it would be a good idea to get legal representation. An attorney can make things work out in your best interest. However, before you talk to a lawyer, it would be a good idea to ensure that you indeed have an arrest warrant out against you.

How can you find details on arrest warrants from Nebraska?

Possibly the simplest option to find details on active warrants from Nebraska is to simply take a look at the offenders who have been listed on the most wanted page ofvarious criminal justice and law enforcement agencies across the state. You can find this information at:

  • DEA:

  • Cass County:

  • Dawes County:

  • Douglas County:

  • Gage County:

  • Hitchcock County:

  • Lancaster County:[030002.PUB]LOOKOUT.COM

  • Madison County:

  • Perkins County:

  • Platte County: