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If an outstanding warrant from NE exists against a person, the police are out looking to detain him/her as soon as possible. If this individual is walking free it is only because cops could not find him or the matter for which he has been charged is not serious enough. However, this does not mean that the arrest warrant will go away on its own. On the contrary, it is only a matter of getting into trouble with the law and the officer in charge will get the low down on all Nebraska outstanding warrants in the name of this person.

People facing the prospect of arrests in Nebraska are bound to have scores of questions about the process used to handle adults who are being accused of committing legal infractions. Although criminal processing follows a standard chronology across the country, there can be certain differences in how specific steps of the process are tackled from one state to another.

The maintenance of arrest records for Nebraska is handled by the Criminal Identification Division (CID) of the Nebraska State Police (NSP). The agency works out of the Nebraska State Patrol Investigative Services Center which is located in Lincoln. The CID is a support division that works within the Investigative Services and maintains the central repository of criminal history records for the state of Nebraska.

The judicial powers within the state of Nebraska have been divided among tribunals across 4 levels. The Supreme Court which is the apex judicial authority in the state is at the top of the hierarchy followed by the Court of Appeals, the District Courts and the County Courts, in that order.

An active warrant search from Nebraska will bring back information not just on the issue of detention directives in the name of the subject but also on the incidents of arrests, court verdicts on criminal matters, sentence imposed and the correctional facility where this was carried out. While there a myriad of private and state offered options to find details on arrest warrants, it would help immensely if you would have some information pertaining to these orders and their use in criminal processing before you launch the investigation.