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If an outstanding warrant from NE exists against a person, the police are out looking to detain him/her as soon as possible. If this individual is walking free it is only because cops could not find him or the matter for which he has been charged is not serious enough. However, this does not mean that the arrest warrant will go away on its own. On the contrary, it is only a matter of getting into trouble with the law and the officer in charge will get the low down on all Nebraska outstanding warrants in the name of this person.

If the offense is serious, the accused will be held in the custody of the police department that has carried out the arrests till such time that the sheriff’s office of the issuing county is ready to extradite him, so that he may stand trial in the geographical division of the state where the crime was commissioned. In case of minor infractions, the offender can only be detained in the county where the arrest warrant was issued.

Who is in charge of releasing active warrants in Nebraska?

Contrary to popular perception, it not the police who have the authority to issue arrest warrants nor are they given these detention orders on a whim. A very strict procedure is followed for the sanctioning of these directives to ensure that there is no compromise of the constitutional rights granted to every citizen of the country.

When the sheriff’s office needs an active warrant, they have to go to the magistrate’s court. To begin the process, the police have to file a formal petition backed by case information or a complaint which details the criminal act, the evidence, the charges under which the warrant is being sought. All of this information, along with the witness testimony is considered by the sitting judge before an arrest warrant is released.

The magistrate has to confirm that the information provided clearly shows the criminal nature of the incident. The next part involves establishing the reasons for holding the accused responsible for the crime. At this point, there is no burden of proving guilt on the police. They merely have to convince the judge that the evidence is enough to make anybody of reasonable mind believe that the criminal act in question could have been committed by the suspect.

What happens after the issue of an active warrant in NE?

Although, the police are not directed to serve the arrest warrant within a specific period of time, it is a given that these decrees are to be executed on a priority basis. Another logical consideration in the matter is that the sheriff’s office would only be putting in the effort to procure active orders for arrests when they quickly need to take the accused into custody.

Despite this, the fact remains that there are several hundred outstanding warrants in the databases of NE police departments that remain to be used. However, it should also clearly be understood that officers can go to any length to make arrests under warrants. This includes chasing the offender outside county and state limits and barging into private properties.

What is the simplest way to seek an arrest warrant search in NE?

Although you will not receive arrest records and information on court disposition, the list of arrest warrants posted on the sites of some sheriffs’ departments of the state offer a simple and a quick way to find information on any run ins with the law that your subject may have had. Some agencies that are currently offering this facility are:

  • Adams County:

  • Clay County:

  • Cuming County:

  • Dawson County:

  • Douglas County:

  • Gage County:

  • Keith County:

  • Lancaster County:

  • Sarpy County:

  • Wayne County: