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Access the arrest log for Omaha along with the list of arrest warrants issued in the city.

People who are keen on a warrant check or need details of recent arrests in Omaha will find a range of both online and offline options for such inquiries. Moreover, you can find arrest records and warrants data for free or you can opt for a paid report.

Both the judiciary and the local police department have something to offer when it comes to an arrest inquiry and a warrant search. Of course, using the right source of information the very first time can save you trouble, time and money. So, go ahead and read this simple guide on how to access the arrest log for Omaha, details on active warrants and more…

How to get information on Omaha arrests?

You get two choices when looking for the local arrests log. Both are available online and above all, both are free. So, all you have to do is take your pick based on the kind of information you need, when you need it and the geographical area that you want to cover.

If you are interested in data pertaining to arrests in last 24 hours, use the facility offered by the Omaha PD at This page will reflect information about a detainee within hours of him/her being picked up by the police. Another plus is the fact that the information is conveniently segregated into various crime categories.

So, you can exclusively lookup DUI arrests or those that are linked to prostitution charges. Of course, the tool can also be used to launch a name-based search and to access the complete arrest list for the area. For every inmate listed on the page, you can find information such as the full name, data number, identifier details and charge description.

All detainees who are not granted release on bail are shifted to the Douglas County Jail. This facility has its own inmate locator tool which is available at To initiate the inquiry, you can either use the name or the data number of the detainee.

How do you find details on Omaha arrest warrants?

While Omaha PD does not offer access to its warrant database, they do provide a most wanted list through the CrimeStoppers website at But if you are looking for pertinent information and/or a warrant search facility, this can be availed through the Office of Douglas County Sheriff’s Department. 

The agency provides a nifty warrant lookup tool at

Outstanding warrants are also listed alphabetically, so it is very easy to use this facility to find the data you need.

Crime stats for Omaha, Nebraska

The decrease of nearly 14% in the annual crime rate of Omaha was simply not enough to wipe out the gains of previous years. To add to the city’s woes, the downtrend did not continue in 2019. Instead, there was an increase of almost 12% in the total number of crimes.

Of the 20,000 plus criminal complaints received by the local police, over 17,000 were property related while nearly 3,000 were reports off violent crime. In terms of specific crimes, cases of aggravated assault increased significantly while there was a rise in all categories across the board as far as property crimes were concerned.