Nebraskans Can Now Buy Guns Anywhere

Nebraska’s old law that forbids state residents to buy rifles, bullets, or certain gun accessories in other states was repealed early in 2014 by LB 699. The majority of other states already allow such purchases, as long as the purchase comports with applicable laws. The section of the law that restores resident’s right to purchase hunting rifles and other long guns, was only added a few days before the vote.The original measure granted hunting rights to the mentally disabled in certain instances.

The National Rifle Association backed this bill as they support many gun-rights bills throughout the country. The bill was introduced by Senator Larson; the addition was included by Senator Lathrop less than a week before the legislator voted on the measure. He wanted to present it in 2013, but did not find a place for it until now. Senators choose legislation to “piggyback” amendments on based on subject matter and whether or not the bill has support.

The law went into effect as soon as it was signed by the governor because the bill had been designated as an emergency. The bill also included language that requires those classified as mentally challenged to register with a national background check agency.

The bill was unopposed and changes the gun rights of most Nebraska residents.