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An arrest warrant search in Antelope County, NE, can be considered under numerous circumstances. For instance, if you have just come in contact with a person with whom you intend to get into a professional or personal alliance, or perhaps, you intend to hire staff to take care of an elderly parent or even a sitter for your child.

In fact, an inquiry on active warrants and arrest records from Antelope County should also be conducted when you welcome new people into the neighborhood. You would be surprised at the number of untoward incidents that such inquiries have prevented. Also, it should be considered that conducting such investigations is not at all difficult.

For instance, if you are seeking a personal background report to furnish to an employer or adoption agency or if you need to know about the arrests and outstanding warrants from Antelope County in the name of a subject, you can get in touch with any of the three state departments listed ahead.

  • Law enforcement: PO Box 72, Neligh, Nebraska 68756
  • Judiciary: 501 M St, Neligh, NE 68756
  • County clerk: As above

Another way is to use the form above. This will not link you to a government agency but a private seller of crime history data. The best part of making this move will be that you will be given access to information on arrest warrants, criminal cases, detentions, and verdicts from all across the country for a small fee. The inquiry can be conducted online, and your results will be displayed across the screen within a few seconds of launching the warrant search.

How do access arrest records and details on warrants from Antelope County over the phone? (Valid in 2021)   

  • Arrest records-402-887-4148
  • Recent arrests-402-887-4148
  • Warrant search-402-887-4650
  • Victim’s assistance-402-887-5151
  • Judicial records-402-887-4508

Crime statistics of Antelope County

In 2018, the Antelope County Sheriff’s Office received 26 criminal complaints, which included 23 property crimes and 3 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 19 larceny-thefts, 1 burglaries, and 3 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 2 aggravated assaults, and 1 rape.

Older crime statistics

With an annual crime rate of just 30 incidents, Antelope County, Nebraska, comes across as one of the state’s safe-havens. Yet, this situation may change in the future if the increase of 50% in reported criminal activity is to be believed.

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