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Three agencies typically offer the provision to conduct an arrest warrant search in Thayer County, NE. The judiciary and the law enforcement keep details on the release of all active warrants in the area. Although in varying aspects, both these branches of the state’s justice juggernaut involve themselves in the release and eventual handling of detention orders.

The cops have the initial job of managing the investigation and collecting data about the crime and the offender along with the victim and witnesses. However, the judiciary has been put at the helms of the process used for the issue of arrest warrants. The magistrate analyzes the data put forth before the bench.

Thayer County active warrants are only issued once the sitting judge confirms that there is probable cause to justify the suspicion that the accused has committed the criminal activity described in the affidavit. This is a requirement that has been included in the criminal code to ensure that arrest warrants do not stand in violation of the United States Constitution.

The sheriff’s deputies make arrests under outstanding warrants from Thayer County. The accused is then escorted to the court for arraignment and bail hearing. Only the tribunal can grant release once arrests are made under judicial orders. So, to find information on crime history, you can contact the judiciary or law enforcement at:

  • The Police: 324 Olive Ave, Hebron, Nebraska 68370
  • The court: 225 N 4th St, Hebron, NE 68370
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 208, Hebron, Nebraska 68370

Of the 86 criminal complaints filed with the Sheriff’s Department of Thayer County, Nebraska, every year, only about 2% are made against violent criminal acts. Despite this figure being considerably low, there has been a growth of almost 50% in these crime types.

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