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Saint Paul is the place to go to for an arrest warrant search in Howard County, NE. This is the area that houses the three state agencies that deal with the dissemination of crime history data. The reason why they keep information pertaining to arrest records and outstanding warrants is because they are in some way involved either in the issue of these orders or their execution.

Let us take the example of the sheriff’s office for instance. This agency works out of room no 13 in the courthouse at 612 Indian, Saint Paul Nebraska 68873. Cops are in charge of filing the affidavit that will over time lead to the issue of an arrest warrant. This accusatory instrument is prepared on the basis of the investigation they conduct.

This is then taken to court which will consider the merits of the information as seen under the light of the probable cause requirement set on the issue of provisions for arrests. The tribunal will release the order for detention along with any conditions for release and arrest as the magistrate sees fit. After issue, it is the responsibility of the cops to execute these directives.

Apart from the police and the judicial bench, the office of the county clerk also involves itself in the criminal processes of the state in a passive sense. This is the agency that keeps the court dockets database for all matters heard by the local tribunals. Dockets are essentially a written account of the legal proceedings carried out from one session to another. Hence, to access information on Howard County active warrants, you can go to any of these three state departments.

After a stupendous decrease of almost 2600% in the rate of reported criminal activity, Howard County, Nebraska now logs in an annual crime average of just 25 incidents. Of the complaints lodged, about 10% are against crimes that can be deemed violent.

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