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You could go to the police department or the magistrate’s court for your arrest warrant search in Morrill County, NE. The state’s judicial network has two branches that entertain requests for information on arrest records and outstanding warrants. The magistrate’s office is considered the front runner as far as investigations pertaining to arrest warrants are concerned, and rightly so.

After all, the sitting judge signs all active warrants from Morrill County, putting them into effect. The cops take over from here and make arrests as per the judicial order. However, one department that provides an equally crucial function is the office of the county clerk. This agency has information on all legal matters, whether civil or criminal, in their court dockets database.

The best part is that applicants can browse through this repository on their own by contacting the clerk of court’s office. This will not be the case if you approach the cops or the magistrate. Both these agencies will only offer information on arrests and active warrants from Morrill County along with other crime history data. However, they cannot provide information on civil suits.

Also, a deputy of the office will handle the inquiry for you. In other words, you are never getting near the databases held by these offices. Contrary to this approach, the county clerk’s office will not only let you scour through the repository but also you can do so for free. To connect with a state agency for your warrant search, get in touch with:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 858, Bridgeport, Nebraska 69336
  • The magistrate’s: 606 L St, Bridgeport, NE 69336
  • The county clerk’s: 6th Main Street, Bridgeport, Nebraska 69336

Is it possible to obtain information about Morrill County warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Warrants search: 308-262-0812.
  • Request for arrest records: 308-262-0408.
  • Case search and judicial records search: 308-262-1261.
  • Queries pertaining to crime victim’s assistance: 308-262-2000.

Crime statistics of Morrill County

With 26 complaints, property offenses accounted for the majority of the 27 crimes reported in Morrill County in 2019. In the property crime category, there were 2 burglaries and 24 larceny-thefts. There single complaint in the violent crime category was against aggravated assault.

Older crime statistics

About 70 criminal reports are lodged in Morrill County, Nebraska, on an annual basis. Thefts account for the majority of these, at about 40 cases. As far as violent crimes were concerned, assaults offered the most cause for worry, with an annual rate of about 2 incidents.

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