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To go through an arrest warrant search in York County, NE, you will need a bit of patience and some time on your hands, along with information about the subject and a valid photo ID. Generally, most people who are interested in details pertaining to arrests and active warrants will be found at the public services/records divisions of the sheriff’s office.

Some others may take the judicial route to find information on York County arrest warrants and visit the magistrate’s office or that of the county clerk. However, the end word on the matter is that all of these are state agencies, and while they work very well for people who have a pristine past, somebody with an outstanding warrant to his name will have hell to pay by venturing into a state complex.

No leniency will be exhibited towards offenders who have just walked into a police station or a judicial office by chance to see details on the York County arrest records and outstanding warrants to their name. Arrests will be made on sight, and the accused will be held in custody till the conditions of release are met or till such time that the magistrate sets bail.

After reading all that, you are bound to agree with the statement that people with arrest warrants best stay away from government agencies. But then, how are you to solve an issue with arrest warrants if you don’t find out about them? The simple solution to this question can be found in the form given above, which connects to a third-party crime history database. For a government inquiry, go to:

  • The police: 510 Lincoln Ave, York, Nebraska 68467
  • The judiciary: 510 Lincoln AV, Room 211, York, NE 68467
  • The clerk of court: 510 Lincoln Avenue, York, Nebraska 68467

Is it possible to get a hold of York County’s warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (At the time of writing, 2021)             

  • Recent arrests-related data: 402-362-6628.
  • Warrants search: 402-362-4925.
  • Request for arrest records: 402-362-4927.
  • Case search and judicial records search: 402-362-4038.
  • Queries pertaining to crime victim’s assistance: 402-362-5583.

Crime statistics of York County

In 2019, about 24 criminal complaints were filed in York County. About 21 of them were for property crimes like larceny-theft (14), burglary (2), and car thefts (5). There were 3 cases of rape filed in the category of violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

York County, Nebraska, has a crime rate of approximately 250 criminal incidents per annum. The cumulative figure can be divided into about 4 instances of violent crime and over 246 cases of property-related crimes, including thefts. which number in the vicinity of 200 plus cases.

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