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Launching an arrest warrant search in Holt County, NE, cannot be done online as state agencies seem bent on keeping a tight vigil on who accesses crime history data, lest the information find its way into the hands of criminal elements and be used for nefarious purposes. With this justification at the core, police and the judiciary call all applicants seeking details on active warrants and arrests to their office in person.

The only alternative offered to this approach is the decidedly slow postal route. If you do send in your inquiries through the mail, you will have to endure a wait of at least a week to ten days to receive the results of your warrant search. If you need to furnish a background report to your employer or an immigration or adoption agency, or even if you are an employer who enjoys the statutory authority to seek crime history data in the state, you will need to conduct your warrant search through a state department.

For this, you can go to the cops or the county clerk’s office and even the court of the magistrate. Of these agencies, only the clerk of court’s department will let applicants initiate their very own investigations by browsing through their court dockets database. In this repository, you will find information on Holt County outstanding warrants and arrest records, and civil cases. The agencies mentioned here work out of:

  • The police: PO Box 146, O’Neill, Nebraska 68763
  • The judiciary: 204 N 4th St, O’Neill, NE 68763
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 329, O Neill, Nebraska 68763

Can you access the Holt County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)              

  • Questions on recent arrests: 402-336-2851
  • Arrest records-related inquiries: 402-336-2546
  • Questions pertaining to victim/witness assistance: 402-340-6379
  • Details about arrest warrants: 402-336-1662
  • Inquiries about criminal court records: 402-336-2840

Crime statistics of Holt County

Just 3 crimes were reported in Holt County in 2019. Of these, the 2crimes filed in the property crimes category involved petty theft. The single complaint in the violent crime category was against rape.

Older crime statistics

Holt County, Nebraska, has one of the lowest crime rates in the state, at about 55 case reports lodged per annum. This figure and the significant improvement in the crime scenario can solely be attributed to the efforts of the sheriff’s office, which has managed to bring down the rate of violent crime by 100% ad that of reported crime by a whopping 600%.

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