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Don’t let the idea of traveling from one state office to another for an arrest warrant search in Pierce County, NE deter you. You will only have to go to the local courthouse to connect to all three government departments that allow inquiries on arrest records and active warrants. Yes, the magistrate’s offices, the county clerk, and the sheriff all work out of the same location.

This would mean less legwork for you and significantly more information if you have some time to spend on the research. Although the agencies listed above all keep crime history data, including details on the issue of arrest warrants from Pierce County, there is also a lot of ancillary justice-related information that they have.

For instance, the sheriff’s office can tell you about the arrests and Pierce County active warrants in the name of your subject. Also, they can give you details on the crime figures for the area and the most wanted list. Along the same lines, the magistrate’s court will release data pertaining to the issue of active warrants and other legal orders such as summonses, bench warrants, and more.

The county clerk’s office, which prepares the court dockets and subsequently stores these in a central repository of judicial records, will not just offer insight on criminal matters but also civil cases. For instance, you could, of course, find out about the Pierce County arrests and outstanding warrants and also details on cases that have to do with insurance claims, family and probate litigations, and more.

The best part is that regardless of the amount and type of information you seek, there is only one address that you will need to visit, and that is 111 W Court St, Pierce, NE 68767. In this judicial complex, the county clerk’s office occupies Room 1 while the sheriff’s department works out of Room 7, and the magistrate’s court occupies multiple rooms.

Is there any way to get information about Pierce County active warrants and arrests over the phone? (2021-Update)   

  • Arrest records and accident reports: 402-329-6346.
  • Information about warrants: 402-329-6245.
  • Criminal case search and judicial records: 402-329-4335.
  • Details on assistance available to crime victims: 402-329-6767.

Crime statistics of Pierce County

In 2017, the Pierce County Police filed 29 criminal cases, which included 22 crimes against property and 7 crimes against persons.

Of the property crimes, 12 were larceny-thefts, 9 were burglaries, and 1 was a motor vehicle theft. Of the violent crimes 2 were aggravated assaults, 3 were rapes and 2 were robberies.

Older crime statistics

At less than 30 criminal complaints per annum, Pierce County, Nebraska undoubtedly comes across as one of the safer neighborhoods of the state. However, this may change rather quickly if the 50% growth in violent crime figures is not curbed.

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