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For an arrest warrant search in Platte County, NE, you can visit a state agency to launch a formal inquiry, or you could use the information offered by the sheriff’s department on their website. Before extolling the advantages of both approaches, it will help to understand here that the police are bound to have information on locally released arrest warrants because they make the request for these orders.

They also effect arrests under such orders and without them. The initial investigation of the case and the eventual job of transporting the arrestee to the court for a bail hearing are all done by the cops. Of course, the magistrate’s office would be as good a source of information on active warrants et al. as the department of the sheriff. It would also be an error to leave the county clerk’s office out of this equation since this agency is the handler of the court dockets database.

However, if you are interested in working with the options offered by the police, you can either visit their agency in person or write to them at their address given below. Another way to find information on Platte County outstanding warrants is to check out the most wanted list for the area given on the law enforcement agency’s website.

Granted that a full-blown inquiry on arrests and warrants can get you more information than just scouring through the list on However, it cannot be ignored that the latter option is more convenient and quick. To get in touch with a state department, you will need to go to:

  • The office of the sheriff: 2610 14th St, Columbus, Nebraska 68601
  • The court of the magistrate: As above
  • The department of the county clerk: 3610 14th Street, Columbus, Nebraska 68601

If you need information on Platte County recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)    

  • Call 402-563-4274 for information on recent arrests.
  • Call 402-563-4905 for a warrant search.
  • Call 402-564-3229 for arrest records and to learn how to do a local criminal history check.
  • Call 402-563-4903 to contact Victim/Witness Services.
  • Call 402-563-4906 to learn the process for a case search.

Crime statistics of Platte County

Platte County Police investigated 69 cases of property crimes and 8 occurrences of violent crimes in 2019. The annual crime average was 77 incidents, which pointed to a decrease of 25% over the crime rates of 2018.

The 8 violent criminal instances included 2 incidents of rape, 0 cases of robbery, and 6 cases of serious assault. Among the 69 property crime reports filed, there were 11 burglaries, 50 larceny-theft reports, and 8 motor vehicle theft complaints.

Older crime statistics

Every year, about 700 criminal complaints are filed in Platte County, Nebraska, and about 2.5% of these are against violent criminal acts. Over the last few years, a rise of 15% has been seen in reported crime, while the growth in violent crime rates has been comparatively significant at over 30%.

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