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For Johnson County, NE arrest warrant search facilities are made available through the joint efforts of the judiciary and the local police. Since information on arrests and active warrants is maintained simultaneously by the courts, the sheriff’s office, and the county clerk, applicants have the liberty to visit any state office that is in any sense linked to criminal processing for such inquiries.

Arrest warrants from Johnson County are legal instruments that the court of the magistrate typically issues. However, these directives for arrests will only be released if the police can prove to the judiciary that they have probable cause to suspect an individual’s involvement in a criminal act.

To ascertain this, the magistrate not only relies on the affidavit filed in court by the cops but may also call in the victim and/or witnesses. Once issued, these Johnson County outstanding warrants have perpetual validity. This means that an accused can be taken into custody anytime after the issue of the arrest warrant.

If you seek information on Johnson County arrest records and active warrants, you can get in touch with any of the state departments discussed here. The process for accessing criminal history records involves taking a trip down to the agency office in person and filling out a formal request form. You may also be charged a small fee.

  • The office of the sheriff: County Jail, Box 335, Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450
  • The court of the magistrate: 4th and Broadway, Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450
  • The department of the county clerk: Box 416, Tecumseh, NE 68450

Can you get information on recent arrests and active warrants from Johnson County over the phone? (2021-data)        

  • In order to do a warrant search, call the judiciary at 402-335-6313.
  • In order to request an arrest report or local criminal background check, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 402-335-3307.
  • In order to connect with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 402-335-2051.
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 402-335-6300.

Crime statistics of Johnson County

Between 2018 and 2019, the annual crime average of County increased by almost 76%. As opposed to the incident rate of almost 25 cases in 2018, in the following year, about 45 complaints were filed with the Sheriff’s Office. Of these complaints, around 39 were against property crimes and 5 were against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

About 75 crimes are reported in Johnson County, Nebraska, annually of which, an estimated 9% of the complaints are made against violent criminal acts. It is not possible to derive the area’s crime trends because incident rates are only available for 2003.

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