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People seek an arrest warrant search in Valley County, NE, for scores of reasons, from personal to professional. It is a normal part of HR policy in many business sectors to conduct a criminal background check. In fact, hospices, medical and health care facilities, and establishments offering care and services to children, disabled people, and seniors are actively encouraged to find out if a person they are interested in hiring has arrest records or outstanding warrants to his/her name.

For corporate and commercial entities and civilian applicants, the facility to access records about active warrants from Valley County is being made available by the local police and judicial agencies. The sheriff’s office remains the most popular choice for inquiries that pertain to arrest warrants, at least those that have been released in criminal cases.

Yes, directives for arrests are also used by civil tribunals when an order from the bench is disobeyed. However, these orders are called bench warrants, and they have limited reach compared to Valley County outstanding warrants. Because the police have also been put in charge of serving these orders, you could find out about them from the sheriff’s office.

On the other hand, a judicial office like that of the clerk of court will have details on all criminal and civil court dockets. This means that along with criminal history, you can also find out about the non-criminal litigations filed in the subject’s name. Fortunately, whether you want to go to the judiciary or the police in your quest for information on Valley County active warrants and arrest records, you will only have to drive down to one address that is 125 S 15th St, Ord, Nebraska 68862.

Who can help you with an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry in Valley County? (2021- Update)  

  • Contact the Sheriff’s Department at 308-728-3906 for arrest records, incident and accident reports.
  • Contact the local court at 308-728-3831 for information on arrest warrants and bench warrants.
  • Call the Valley County State Attorney’s Office at 308-728-3421 for victim assistance.
  • Contact the Clerk of Court at 308-728-3831 for judicial records inquiries

Crime statistics of Valley County

In 2019, the Valley County Sheriff’s Office handled over 9 criminal complaints. Of these, 4 of the reports were for property offenses, while 5 were for violent crimes. The reported crimes included: 1 larceny-thefts, 3 auto thefts, 2 aggravated assaults, and 3 rapes.

Older crime statistics

In Valley County, Nebraska, the police only have to handle about 20 criminal complaints each year. Of this figure, just about 2 incidents are of a violent nature, while the remaining 18 complaints are linked to property crimes. From 2001 to 2008, there was an improvement of almost 200% in violent crime rates and over 200% in overall crime.

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