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An arrest warrant search in Knox County, NE, can be done through the sheriff’s office or the magistrate’s court. The judiciary and local law enforcement have their distinctive parts to play in the issue and execution of active warrants. Understanding these roles will help you comprehend your inquiry results and launch the investigation through the correct channel.

Let us take the instance of the magistrate’s office; given the fact that this agency has been put in charge of issuing all active warrants from Knox County, it would be appropriate to discuss the information held by them first. The petition requesting the court to issue an arrest warrant is received by the bench from the sheriff’s office.

The information in this writ is deliberated on before the detention directive is sanctioned. The magistrate has to sign all decrees as a representative of the state judiciary, be it warrants for arrests, subpoenas, or summonses. Hence, it is understandable why they keep information on all such judicial instruments.

The county clerk’s office is responsible for maintaining the database of court dockets, and deputies of the agency are present during all tribunal sessions. This is how the department comes to be in possession of details concerning Knox County outstanding warrants. As far as arrest records go, data on these is sent to the judiciary by the sheriff’s office since they take the offenders into custody. These state entities can be contacted at:

  • The sheriff: PO Box 142, Center, Nebraska 68724
  • The magistrate: 206 Main St, Center, NE 68724
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 166, Center, Nebraska 68724

In Knox County, Nebraska, about 40 crimes are reported every year, but only about 7% of these are violent. In the five years from 2003 onwards, there has been a drop of almost 400% in violent crime rates and a further decrease of nearly 80% in reported crime.

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