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Just like the police and the magistrate’s office, you can also seek an arrest warrant search in Fillmore County from the department of the clerk of court. This agency is in charge of maintaining the court dockets repository, a database that holds information on all cases tried by the local judicial mechanism, be they criminal or civil.

Of course, this little detail opens up a world of possibilities for a person interested in information on Fillmore County arrest records and outstanding warrants. Let us take an example of how this wealth of data can help somebody researching the past of a subject. The first concern of anybody interested in these searches is understandably the active warrants in their subject’s name.

However, once you have got through the stage where you have clarity on the criminal transgressions against the person in question, it is indeed time to dig deeper. The fact that the subject has faced arrests and prison time in the past will undoubtedly tell you about his illicit affiliations. The existence of outstanding warrants would mean that it will only be a while before he is taken into custody.

However, when you scour through the civil suits in the name of the subject, you can also find out about any financial issues that he has been embroiled in, how trustworthy he is as a client or partner, and above all if you would be inviting any liabilities by associating with this individual. For all this and more, you can connect with the office of the county clerk, the police, or the magistrate at:

  • Law enforcement: 900 G St, Geneva, Nebraska 68361
  • Judiciary: As above
  • County clerk: PO Box 307, Geneva, Nebraska 68361

How do you contact Fillmore County officials to inquire about active warrants and recent arrests? (2021-current)  

  • For an incident/accident/arrest report, call 402-759-4441.
  • For information on active warrants, call 402-759-3514.
  • For information on victim’s assistance, call 402-759-3136.
  • For criminal case court dates and information on accessing criminal judicial records, call 402-759-3811.

Crime statistics of Fillmore County

In 2019, the Fillmore County Sheriff’s Department received 21 criminal complaints, compared to n in 2018. There were 16 property offenses and 5 crimes against people.

Approximately 11 larceny-thefts, 9 burglaries, and 1 motor vehicle theft were recorded as property offenses. Around 2 aggravated assaults and 3 rapes were among the violent offenses.

Older crime statistics

Only about 30 criminal incidents are reported in Fillmore County, Nebraska per annum, and about 9% of these are acts of violence such as murders and assaults. Also, there has been a rise of almost 70% in such crimes in recent years.

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