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Although the county clerk’s office is not in the running for the state agency that does the most work in criminal processes of the state, this department can offer a wealth of information in response to an arrest warrant search from Furnas County, NE. Deputies of this agency make their way into every court session.

There are no exceptions here, meaning they sit in on criminal and civil trials right from ground zero. It is understandable why you would spot personnel from the clerk of court’s department at pre-warrant hearings. As soon as an active warrant is issued in Furnas County, information about it is recorded in the office’s database of court dockets.

Eventually, when arrests are made under warrants, the sheriff’s office returns the original judicial order to the county clerk’s office or that of the magistrate. This is how Furnas County arrest records make their way into the databases of the judiciary. As the matter proceeds through various trial stages, the county clerk’s office keeps information on all court proceedings until the sentencing is carried out.

Apart from this, the county clerk’s office also has details on arrests that have been effected without Furnas County outstanding warrants as long as the case is eventually brought before the tribunal. So, for your warrant search, while the offices of the local police and the magistrate are an option, you can also contact the department of the county clerk at:

  • The sheriff’s: PO Box 430, Beaver City, Nebraska 68926
  • The magistrate’s: 912 R St, Beaver City, NE 68926
  • The county clerk’s: PO Box 387, Beaver, Nebraska 68926

If you need information on Furnas County recent arrests and warrants, whom should you call? (In 2021)    

  • 308-268-2245- Call for information about recent arrests.
  • 308-268-4135- Call for victim’s assistance
  • 308-268-4025- Call for details on warrants.
  • 308-268-4015- Call for initiating a search for judicial records

Crime statistics of Furnas County

Between 2018 and 2019, Furnas County’s crime rate increased by about 52%, from an annual average of 42 incidents to 64. In 2019, 57 complaints were submitted for property offenses, while the rest were for violent crimes.

More than 35 reports were filed for larceny-thefts, and over 13 complaints were filed for burglary. Around 5 allegations of aggravated assault were among the 7 complaints lodged against violent crimes.

Older crime statistics

In Furnas County, Nebraska, about 35 criminal acts transpire each year. This, despite a drop of almost 100% in the rate of violent crimes and a decrease of approximately 50% in reported criminal activity.

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