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Launching an arrest warrant search in Brown County, NE, is a simple process that involves either writing to a state agency or contacting them in person for the information. Because the police, the magistrate’s court, and the office of the clerk of court all work out of the same location, conducting the investigation gets easier and less time-consuming.

The law enforcement agency will have information even on the most recent arrests, including detentions that were effected without Brown County active warrants. In fact, you could easily find the names of those individuals who have been taken into custody no more than 24 hours ago through the sheriff’s department. These people will typically be held in the county jail, which is also run by the law enforcement agency.

You can also find out about Brown County outstanding warrants and arrest records through the office of the clerk of court. This agency keeps all judicial records, including court files linked to criminal matters.

Of course, information on arrest warrants from Brown County can also be found with the magistrate’s office. This is the branch of the judiciary that actually issues all legal orders, be they for the arrest of an individual or for searching a property or confiscating items.

The magistrate’s office will also be able to tell you if a bench warrant was issued against the subject in connection with a civil or family dispute. These agencies, including the tribunals, the police, and the county clerk’s department, can be contacted at 142 W 4th St, Ainsworth, Nebraska 69210.

What Brown County agency should you approach for an over-the-phone warrant search and arrests inquiry? (Update: 2021)   

  • To access the report of an event handled by the police (arrests and accidents), call 402-387-1440.
  • For questions about active warrants, call 402-387-2864.
  • For victim’s assistance and advocacy, call 402-387-0926.
  • To access judicial records, call 402-387-2705.

Crime statistics of Brown County

In 2018, the Brown Sheriff’s Office received 14 criminal complaints, all of which were against property offenses. Cases were filed against 11 instances of larceny theft, 2 instances of car theft and 1 of burglary.

Older crime statistics

Over the last few years, things have been looking up for Brown County in terms of the crime scenario. There was a reduction of nearly 70% in reported criminal activity while violent crime rates plunged by almost 200%. The area’s annual crime average is about 60 cases, but this is bound to go down to 40 if the police keep up the good work.


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