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Despite the fact that arrest warrant searches from Seward County, NE have a reputation for being arduous, with a bit of effort, you can find everything there is to know about any criminal misdoings in the past of your subject. For an inquiry on crime-related factors such as arrests and the issue of active warrants, you can go to a state agency or a private entity.

The latter is undoubtedly a simpler way to accomplish such inquiries. It is also cheaper, and you will get details on arrest records and outstanding warrants from every area of the country. However, the results of investigations launched through third-party entities will not stand in a formal setting, meaning you will have to connect with a state department. For this, your choices are:

  • The sheriff’s department: 261 S 8th St, Seward, Nebraska 68434
  • The magistrate’s court: 529 Seward St, Seward, NE 68434
  • The county clerk’s office: PO Box 190, Seward, Nebraska 68434

Of the three agencies listed here, the county clerk’s office offers the most amount of information in response to crime history searches because they are in possession of the court dockets database. This is a repository of case details from the civil and criminal courts of the area.

This means that you can not only find out about the arrests and active warrants from Seward County in the name of the accused from the clerk of court’s deputies, but also they can tell you about all the civil litigations that involved the subject. The office of the magistrate can also offer some additional data along these lines. For instance, they can provide details on bench warrants, subpoenas ad summons along with arrest warrants.

Can you access the Seward County warrant list and arrest records over the phone? (Current in 2021)    

  • In order to do a warrant search, call the judiciary at 402-643-3214.
  • In order to learn about arrests, contact the Seward County Jail at 402-643-9453.
  • In order to request an arrest report or local criminal background check, contact the Sheriff’s Office at 402-643-2359.
  • In order to connect with Victim/Witness Services, contact the Victim’s Advocate at 402-643-2795.
  • In order to request certified copies of judicial records, contact the Clerk of Court at 402-643-4895.

Crime statistics of Seward County

In 2019, the Seward Sheriff’s Office received 19 criminal complaints, as opposed to the 44 cases received in 2018. These included 16 property crimes and 3 violent crimes.

The property crimes category included 4 larceny-thefts, 7 burglaries, and 5 motor vehicle thefts. The violent crimes category included 3 aggravated assaults.

Older crime statistics

Seward County, Nebraska, has a fairly low crime rate of about 160 cases per annum. These cannot be attributed to violent acts such as murder and rape, which only bring about 5 complaints each year. The majority of the cases are lodged against thefts and burglaries at about 145 cases.

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