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Although the police are not the first state department to record information about the issue of detention orders, they are still strong contenders when it comes to agencies that can be approached for an arrest warrant search in Thurston County, NE. Among the innumerable responsibilities handled by the sheriff’s office through the lifecycle of a criminal case is the task of petitioning the court for an active warrant.

This is done by filing an instrument of accusation that informs the court about the criminal incident in question and the evidence which raises suspicion about the accused being involved in the act. Arrest warrants are not merely granted on the face value of the department. The judiciary carefully weighs the merits of the information presented before granting the order.

However, once a Thurston County outstanding warrant is released into the system, it is almost infallible. Arrests under these directives can be effected at any time and any place, including outside the geographical limits of the area in which the order was issued. Furthermore, to enhance cooperation among all branches of the justice mechanism, information on arrest records and warrants is shared among state and interstate, and national entities.

Also, data on arrests and outstanding warrants from Thurston County is made available to public members. To initiate a warrant search, you can approach one of the state entities listed below. In all likelihood, you will have to visit the office of the concerned department in person or send your inquiry requests through mail for them to consider it.

  • The police: 106 5th St, PO Box 370, Pender, Nebraska 68047
  • The county clerk: PO Box G, Pender, Nebraska 68047
  • The court of the magistrate: 106 5th St, Pender, NE 68047

Is it possible to obtain information about Thurston County arrest warrants and recent arrests by phone? (2021-Update)   

  • The Thurston County Jail- 402-385-0177 – For arrests-details, inmate search and inmate services.
  • The Sheriff’s Office- 402-385-3018- For police and arrest records
  • The Warrants Unit- 402-385-3136- For details about active warrants
  • The State Attorney’s Office- 402-385-3416 -For crime victim’s help
  • The Clerk of Court- 402-385-3318- For a case search

Crime statistics of Thurston County

The Thurston County Sheriff’s Office got 20 criminal complaints in 2019, which were filed against 13 property-related offenses and 7 violent offenses.

In the property offenses category, there were 7 larceny-thefts, 5 burglaries, and 1 motor vehicle theft. In the vi9olent offenses category, there were 6 aggravated assaults, and 1 rape.

Older crime statistics

Between 2003 and 2008, only about 7 criminal complaints were lodged in Thurston County, Nebraska. While this is undoubtedly the lowest crime rate in the state, this could be attributed to faulty reporting or the 200% drop in the area’s crime figures.

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