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It is possible to go in for an arrest warrant search in Cedar County, NE, through the magistrate’s office, the county clerk, or local law enforcement. One of the reasons these three agencies can offer details on criminal history is because they are involved in the issue and execution of active warrants and keeping details on detention directives and arrests.

Information on criminal history is maintained by these government departments so that it can be circulated within the state’s justice network and law enforcement agencies across the country. Another principle objective of storing this data is so that it can be disseminated among the public as required. This is done with the sole intention of augmenting community safety.

To this effect, the agencies given below allow civilians to conduct inquiries on Cedar County arrest records and outstanding warrants. In response to such investigations, applicants are given access to details about the entire life cycle of a criminal matter, starting at arrests and ending in the incarceration of the offender ad eventual release into society.

As a matter of fact, agencies like that of the county clerk and judicial administration, in general, can also provide details on the civil litigation that come up against the name of the subject. So, you could find out about cases that were or are currently being heard in family/relationship, juvenile, and even civil and corporate courts.

  • The sheriff: PO Box 415, Hartington, Nebraska 68739
  • The magistrate: 101 S Broadway St, Hartington, NE 68739
  • The clerk of court: PO Box 47, Hartington, Nebraska 68739

How can you get a copy of an arrest report or information on outstanding warrants from Cedar County over the phone? (Updated-2021) 

  • If you want to learn about active warrants, call 402-254-7441.
  • If you need arrest records or police reports, call 402-254-6884.
  • If you are interested in victim’s assistance and victim’s rights, call 402-254-7229.
  • If you want more information about obtaining criminal court records, call 402-254-6957.

Crime statistics of Cedar County

The Cedar Sheriff’s Office handled 30 criminal complaints in 2019, compared to 7 in 2018. These comprised 27 property-related offenses and 3 violent offenses.

About 23 larceny-thefts, and 4 motor vehicle thefts were included in the property offenses category. The complaints in the violent crimes category all involved assault. 

Older crime statistics

The police in Cedar County, Nebraska, lodge an estimated 10 complaints per year, which has to be the state’s lowest rate. The significant fall in the incident figures has given residents further reason to celebrate as violent crime plunged by a massive 1100%.

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